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Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

Information About Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

About Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

The Medicine Brand Gotam 04 mg is manufactured by CMG Biotech and mainly contents the generic drug Tamsulosin.


10 Tablet

Active Ingredients For Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

Tamsulosin 04 mg

Diseases List For Which Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg Is Prescribed

This Drug Is Prescribed For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH

Other Significations For Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

This Medication Tamsulosin is an oral drug for the treatment of men who are having difficulty urinating because of benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH In men the tube which carries urine from the bladder to the penis called the urethra travels through the prostate gland As men get older the prostate gland enlarges and the muscle cells within the prostate gland and the neck of the bladder which controls the flow of urine tighten The combination of enlargement and tightening of muscles compresses the urethra and obstructs the flow of urine This results in difficulty urinating and retention of urine within the bladder The tightening or contraction of the muscle cells is controlled by nerves One type of nerve the alpha adrenergic nerves cause the muscle cells to tighten by releasing a chemical related to epinephrine adrenalin Tamsulosin blocks the effects of this chemical on the muscle cells and causes the muscles to relax This results in a decrease in obstruction to the flow of urine There are other drugs which block alpha adrenergic nerves throughout the body and which are used in treating diseases of the heart blood vessels and prostate for example prazosin Minipress terazosin Hytrin doxazosin Cardura andalfuzosin Uroxatral Tamsulosin is more active against the alpha adrenergic nerves of the prostate and bladder neck than these other drugs and has a lesser effect on alpha adrenergic nerves elsewhere in the body For this reason tamsulosin causes fewer side effects especially low blood pressure than other alpha adrenergic blocking drugs Moreover tamsulosin therapy can be started at the optimum dose whereas other alpha adrenergic blocking drugs need to be started at low doses with the doses slowly increased over time in order to minimize the side effects Tamsulosin was approved by the FDA in 1997

Precautions To Be Taken Before Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

The elimination of tamsulosin from the body may be reduced by erythromycin ketoconazole Nizoral Extina Xolegel Kuricparoxetine Paxil cimetidine Tagamet ritonavir Norvir lopinavir and other drugs that reduce the elimination of drugs by liver enzymes Reduced elimination may lead to increased side effects of tamsulosin PDE5 inhibitors for example vardenafil Levitra Staxyn Adcirca sildenafilViagra Revatio tadalafil Cialis add to the blood pressure lowering effects of tamsulosin and may result in severe blood pressure reduction

Major Conditions And Care

Pregnancy And Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

Can We Take Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Class D There is positive evidence of human fetal risk based on adverse reaction data from investigational or marketing experience or studies in humans but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks

Lactation And Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

Can We Use Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg During Lactation

Lactation Class L5 Studies in breastfeeding mothers have demonstrated that there is significant and documented risk to the infant based on human experience or it is a medication that has a high risk of causing significant damage to an infant The risk of using the drug in breastfeeding women clearly outweighs any possible benefit from breastfeeding The drug is contraindicated in women who are breastfeeding an infant

Side Effects Of Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

Nausea stomach upset skin rash acute toxicity

More Danger Effects Fatal Effect Due To Overdose Of Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg

Nausea stomach upset skin rash acute toxicity

Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg Is Manufactured By , Cmg Biotech

Tamsulosin- Gotam 04 Mg Contains Mainly The Drug Tamsulosin

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