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    We have observed that you are selling online our one product. Product name is PANTOPLEX SYRUP.
    You are mentioning in your site that it is a Multi vitamin syrup which is wrong.It is useful
    to increase the breast milk secretion in lactating mothers. It is also a brain tonic useful
    for the growing children.

  2. Avatar for Sumita Bhagat

    Thanks for listing me under Doctors at your site. However, the address given is not correct.

    The correct address is given below:

    Sumita Bhagat,
    5 No. Kaiser Buglaow,
    Hulang Road, K S Link Road,
    Kadma, Jashedpur
    Jharkhand – 831005.

    Please update this address at your site.

    Sumita Bhagat

  3. Avatar for Jayesh Edvankar

    want to add clinic named as “Reliva Physiotherapy & Rehab” & want to add few doctors under clinic. Also want to create a profile as a doctor, so what is the procedure for the same?

  4. Avatar for juili

    This is to inform you that the brand name DUPACT – Duloxetene 20/30 that features on your website has changed been discontinued years back . the brand name DUPACT now contains Undenatured type 2 collagen 40 mg capsule .
    plz rectify the same to avoid any confusion amongst the consumers. Kindly confirm the same

  5. Avatar for Rahul Lohani

    I have been shown me as Doctor as well as Dermatologist at your site ( . Neither I am doctor nor Neurologist or Dermatologist, hence you are requested to delete the word Doctor as well as Dermatologist. I am only a Special Educator. Kindly delete my particulars from your site immediately. Kindly revert at my email id. when its been deleted at the EARLIEST.
    Here is the link for the same-

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    Rahul Lohani

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